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Costa Rica: Una Belleza Natural

Carol Shelton presents

Costa Rica: Una Belleza Natural

It began eight years ago on a trip to Costa Rica in Central America….I discovered a land teeming with an energy and vitality that I had never before experienced…Its name was Costa Rica and she is “Una belleza natural”, or a natural beauty...but, she is also a magnet…she will pull you back to her over and over again..I can feel her pull even from my home in Rhode Island and everywhere I travel…

Costa Rica is a place that absolutely vibrates with color, energy and light that stimulates the senses, lifts the spirits and inspires… The color is everywhere not just in the flora, the flowers, the fruit, and the birds, but in the clothing that people wear, the color of the buildings and the food!

It takes time to for the muse to assimilate all of this, to cultivate a relationship with it…like any other relationship it takes time…

This is a presentation of what I have seen thus far….

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