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'E2' Reception Feb 13th 3-5

This is a stunning exhibit with Elizabeth Gargas & Elizabeth Lind. On exhibit Feb 2- 26

February 2016


Liz Gargas is an artist based in Massachusetts. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2011 with a BFA in Painting and Illustration. Last year she was awarded her first Artist Residency, March 2014 at the

Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, WY. Recent exhibitions include: "Art by American: A contemporary painting exhibition" at the Art House in Chicago and "Passages" at Verum Ultimum Gallery in Portland OR. Currently, she is working on a new series of work in preparation for her show opening at the Holtzwasser Gallery in Newton, Massachusetts for March 2016.

“These paintings can be characterized as a series of shorts and vignettes; the paintings present a stage. Each one tells a story of the gritty truths of the monuments of life by constructing a space filled with "things" - icons that are meaningful to those experiences. These icons or found objects, compositions gathered, moments of light, inspirations and feelings have been collected and curated over the years. This work is personal and largely autobiographical, however, the sentiment is omnipresent.” – Liz Gargas

ELIZABETH LIND “My work centers on the figure and its environment, whether real or imagined. Inspired by the timeless beauty of the female form, I explore the context of the female experience- the world and atmosphere in which women live. Fascinated by ancient cultures and the endurance of myths and symbols, I explore contemporary rites and rituals within the context of time.

All of my art making is tied to sculpture as I gravitate to the concrete presence of three-dimensional form.I explore the sensuality and timelessness of being female. The incorporation of symbols provides a unique language to express emotions, sexuality, relationships, vulnerability, and strength.

Most of my works are stone as I love the fluid nature of direct carving - searching for forms under the skin of the stone’s surface and working towards a simple elegance. I often create clay and mixed media sculptures to offset the time consuming carving process and to enjoy a mental flexibility. Lately, series work has become important and has drawn me to several themes such as the “Feminae” and “Figs” pieces. ” -Elizabeth Lind

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