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Karen Rand Anderson exhibits mixed media paintings & sculptures during the month of April. From The Artist:

About “Reaching for Beauty”

Lately I am seeking solace through reaching for beauty— reaching for it in the midst of the ineffable horrors and unspeakable tragedies taking place in the world today.

This work is my simplistic way of accessing beauty in a world of increasing violence. I simply cannot navigate sanely through the news stories which assault me daily. Mass shootings, absurd road rage murders, unspeakable cruelty to animals, abductions of young schoolgirls, beheadings, genocide, the ravaging of ancient sacred sites and religious artifacts, the destruction of peoples and indeed whole cultures, all due to the hatred, greed and savagery of men who impose their will upon others through violence and terror.

I’m not trained in any way to assist those who are truly suffering. Like many others, I feel helpless about the sorrow and tragedy happening in the world. As an artist and an overly sensitive soul, my way of coping, at present, is to simply reach for beauty through the work I feel called to create.

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